Ephrata Stake Trek 2017 Theme Song

This song was written by Heather Norberg and Pamela Sortomme for a trek in Idaho.  The focus of the song is to remember those who sacrificed and followed the commandment given to gather in Zion.  Those pioneers who were willing to make their way to Zion  even if it was by walking and pushing a handcart with just a few of their belongings. This quote from President Hinckley inspired the lyrics.

” I will never get over being thankful to them; I hope that you never get over being thankful to them. I hope we will always remember them…. Let us read again and again, and read to our children or our children’s children, the accounts of those who suffered so much.”

President Gordon B. Hinckley

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Ephrata Stake Trek 2017 is June 21-24 at Ensign Ranch

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Start Preparing NOW – download, fill out and return 2017-trek-registration-information-packet

Remember—Warriors of the Truth
Each Participant needs their own 5-gal bucket with lid, to put the following items in: (note: plate = pie pan) Metal dishes, bug spray, chapstick, comb, bandaids, toothbrush/paste, needed medication, sunscreen, scriptures, journal, extra shoes, rain poncho, hat, bandana, water bottle, extra clothes, underclothes, and 5 socks & gloves. (PJ’s can be in your bedroll) Optional: camera, pocketknife. Also, you will need a bedroll that includes: Sleeping pad, sleeping bag, blanket, pajamas, and coat for evenings – preferably all layered and rolled up into one bed roll, and in garbage bag – label it!

Begin gathering clothing and supplies . . .
You will need
1 5-gallon bucket with lid (a screw top lid is recommended)
1 Sleeping bag
1 Blanket
1 Coat
1 Rain Poncho
1 Pair of adequate shoes (not new and not worn out)
3 Pairs of socks
2 sets of underclothing
2 Bandanas or neckerchiefs
1 metal pie dish
1 fork and spoon
1 Tin cup
1 Toothbrush and toothpaste
1 Personal first aid kit (chapstick, bug spray, sunscreen, band aids)
1 Set of scriptures
1 water bottle
Clothing (refer to the attached sheet)
Pocket knife
Journal and pen or pencil

2 mid-calf length, long-sleeve dresses OR 2 mid-calf-length
skirts and 2 lightweight, long-sleeve blouses
1-2 bonnets or straw hats
1 pair of bloomers OR leggings/long shorts for under skirt/dress
to help prevent chafing
1 apron
4-5 pairs of not new or worn-out pairs of socks
1-2 good pairs of good walking shoes (NOT NEW)
1 pair of water shoes
1 pair of work gloves
2-3 sets of underclothing/underwear
1 set of pajamas/sleepwear
2 bandanas or neckerchiefs
1-2 plain-colored sweatshirts,
sweaters or jackets OR a warm
shawl for cooler weather. (Please NO designs, pictures or words on them.)
2 pairs of wool, canvas or cotton pants (NO LEVIS)
2 lightweight, long-sleeved, button-up shirts (NO COLLAR PREFERRED)
1 wide-brimmed hat (NO BASEBALL OR ARMY HATS)
1 pair of suspenders OR a belt
2-3 sets of underclothing/underwear
1 set of pajamas/sleepwear
1 pair of work gloves
4-5 pairs of not new or worn-out pairs of socks
1 pair of broken-in boots OR a good pair of walking shoes (NOT NEW)
1 pair of water shoes
2 bandanas or neckerchiefs
1-2 plain-colored jackets, vests or sweatshirts for cooler weather
(Please NO designs, pictures or words on them.)


They did it!

They did it!

The women arrive weary but joyous after the Women’s Pull event on the second day of the trek. Thanks to Christian and Audrey Lybbert for these photos. Post your thoughts about the Women’s Pull in the comments section below.

Photos from the Bing Canyon Trek

Ward and Branch photos


Ephrata 3Ephrata 3.jpg

Ephrata 2Ephrata 2.jpg

Ephrata 1Ephrata 1.jpg



Grand CouleeGrand Coulee.jpg

Those who participated in the Ephrata LDS Stake Bing Canyon Trek from June 27 to 29 had a wonderful, faith-promoting experience. This blog will help share the experience with others and remind those who participated of the event. If you have photos of the trek, please send your best 3 or 4 to this address: chuckallen89@hotmail.com. I am putting together a slide show and video of the trek.

Also, here are photos of each local ward or branch, please put the names of the participants in the comments section. Thank you so much for your help. Keep following this blog to see more updates.