Letter for Trek Mas and Pas

For some may push and some may pull ...

For some may push and some may pull …

Mas and Pas,

We are so grateful for your willingness to serve the youth of our stake. We know you are sacrificing many things to be involved in this trek. We believe this can be a very good experience for all of us as we work together to build our testimonies and strengthen the youth.

The main goal of the trek is to have an experience in which the Spirit will be present and testify to the youth and each of us of truthfulness of the gospel and that the sacrifices our ancestors made were worth it. In the same respect, the sacrifices we make everyday are also worth it.

Some thoughts we have that can make this go smooth are:

Be positive and supportive. We really are not trying to make this miserable. Please join in the activities and dress the part. We have been told it adds to the experience.

We would like you to search out some ancestor that traveled by handcart as a pioneer. We want you to be able to share it with the youth during the first part of the trek. The youth are doing the same. If you do not have an ancestor that you can find let us know we have some pioneer stories you can use.

All of your personal belongings need to fit in a five-gallon bucket with a lid that you will need to provide. Tents and sleeping bags will be delivered to the sleeping site. We will have plenty of water and bathroom stops along the way. Vehicles can drive to almost every place on the trail.

This will be difficult. We may hike up to 18 miles in 2 days. If you don’t think you can make it that far there is always plan B. You can be picked up and taken the rest of the way. Please do your best to be physically prepared.

There is a cell signal almost everywhere we will be. We are asking the youth not to bring any electronics. We expect that you will have yours, however, please be discreet in their use. We do not want to see them if at all possible. We will be very tolerant but please get your business or chatting done before or after the trek. The youth will be looking to you as an example. You will not be expected to discipline the youth. Let a stake leader know of any problems and we will take care of them.

We understand plans change and things come up. Let us know as soon as you can of any changes to your availability to be there to participate. Also if for any reason you need to leave during the trek we will understand and help you in anyway. We can make adjustments and will make it work.

We will be getting you more information as we get closer to the trek.


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