Trek 2013 schedule and details


The Ephrata Stake 2013 Trek will begin at 9 a.m. on Thursday, June 27 and will end after breakfast on Saturday, June 29. The following is a tentative itinerary of the Trek. It is subject to change, but we should follow it fairly closely. We are anticipating 200 youth and 100 adults there will be a ma and pa and six to eight youths assigned to each handcart.

Opening Ceremony
Trek until noon
Rope pull up Steep Hill
Handcart until evening

Up at dawn for breakfast
Creek crossing
Rocky Ridge
Women’s Pull
Return to starting point
Dinner, bonfire, testimony meeting, entertainment

Depart for home

We would like every youth in the stake to participate. If it is not possible to attend the entire trek, please bring them whenver possible. They will be taken to the handcart company on the trail. For arrangements for any young many arriving after the start time call Brent Bair and for the young women, call Melody Williamson at 237-3334.

Everyone will be allowed one five-gallon bucket with a lid for their personal belongings. The young women should use their buckets from girls camp. Please make sure everyone participating in your ward has a bucket with a lid. Tents and sleeping bags will be hauled by leaders, separate of the handcarts.

We will have clothing recommendations soon, but keep in mind that there will be no shade on the trek and lots of cheatgrass. Wide-brimmed hats and pioneer bonnets should be used. No baseball caps.

Please begin gathering information for us on any medical or allergy issues any of the participants may have so that we can accommodate them.

The trek is a maximum of 18 miles. This spring, the area will be evaluated and an exact route determined. Please encourage all participants to begin an exercise program now so they will be physically preparded. If there are any medical issues during the trek, there will be vehicles available to help anyone who needs assistance.

We are very much looking forward to the trek and see it as an opportunity to build spiritual strength and unity between the youth. We hope that everyone involved in the trek will feel the presence of the Holy Ghost and strengthen or find their testimony.


One thought on “Trek 2013 schedule and details

  1. Looking forward to going on the Trek. Hopefully the youth will have the experience that will strengthen and fortify their testimonies and give them the determination to do their best through out their lives.

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