What’s in your bucket?

Trek bucket

Each Participant needs their own 5-gal bucket with lid, to put the following items in: (note: plate = pie pan)

Metal dishes, bug spray, chapstick, comb, bandaids, toothbrush/paste, needed medication, sunscreen, scriptures, journal, extra shoes, rain poncho, hat, bandana, water bottle, extra clothes, underclothes, and 5 socks & gloves. (PJ’s can be in your bedroll) Optional: camera, pocketknife.

Also, you will need a bedroll that includes:

Sleeping pad, sleeping bag, blanket, pajamas, and coat for evenings – preferably all layered and rolled up into one bed roll, and in garbage bag – label it!

Your bedroll and buckets will be checked in at your ward buildings Wed. night, 7:00, June 26, (unless otherwise noted in your ward). Bucket contents should be checked to ensure all required items are packed, and labeled.

FYI: There is an all-day Girls Camp Clinic at the Ephrata Stake Center, Saturday, June 22.


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