Photos from the Bing Canyon Trek

Ward and Branch photos


Ephrata 3Ephrata 3.jpg

Ephrata 2Ephrata 2.jpg

Ephrata 1Ephrata 1.jpg



Grand CouleeGrand Coulee.jpg

Those who participated in the Ephrata LDS Stake Bing Canyon Trek from June 27 to 29 had a wonderful, faith-promoting experience. This blog will help share the experience with others and remind those who participated of the event. If you have photos of the trek, please send your best 3 or 4 to this address: I am putting together a slide show and video of the trek.

Also, here are photos of each local ward or branch, please put the names of the participants in the comments section. Thank you so much for your help. Keep following this blog to see more updates.


6 thoughts on “Photos from the Bing Canyon Trek

  1. Ephrata 2nd Ward: (Left to Right)
    Back: Logan Nelson, Audrey Nelson, Tim Hiatt, Holly Hiatt, Tyler Hess, Tevin Hiatt, Jolene Hiatt, Steve Hiatt, Matthew Truscott
    Row 3: Bishop Steve Gwynn, Mark Taylor, Sydnee Pixlee, Mary Potter, Rae Ann Hiatt, Naressa Hiatt, Courtney Richardson, Danielle Hiatt, Courtney Lybbert, Diane Truscott
    Row 2: Alex Hiatt, Davis Stocking, Alyssa Hess, Azure Stocking, Megan Pope, Connie Stocking, Daryl Stocking
    Row 1: Mileah Pixlee, Kimberly Pulliam, Sienna Stocking, Kelsey Hiatt, Zach Standard

  2. Thanks Bro. Allen for your super effort in capturing the event and experiences of the trek. It was an experience I will not forget.

  3. Down in front Trent Purcell, Becky Purcell, Kristi Purcell, Mackenzie Smith, Payton Schooler, Griffen Allen, Jessica Bair, Makayla Hale, Chloe Spencer, Alissa Bair, standing Mya spencer, Saron Adams, Mellis Adams, Hannah Nelson, Donna Vargus, Julie Larsen, Doug Larsen, Ashton Nelson, Robert Lybbert, Gavan Allen, Dakota Vargus, Kurtis Plastaid, Renee Hale, Joel Hale, Cole Spencer, Lindsey Bair, Dillon Hale, Sarah Bradford, Mike Allen, David Bradford, Joe Bradford Cyntha Bradford.

  4. Ephrata 1st Ward
    First row kneeling or sitting:
    Brent Bair, Loyd Burleson III, Rose Bair, Miriam Bair, Melissa Nelson, Marissa Wright, Bailey Merchant, Sadie Merchant, Kristen Key, Micheal Sortomme, Lois Burleson, & Pam Sortomme.
    Back row:
    Christian Pugh, Kenneth Flynn, Eli Whetstone, Tucker Merchant, Leeland Burleson, Tom Sortomme, Mikenzie Whetstone, Matthew Sortomme, April Pugh, Aliyah Derr, Katie Bair, Ryan Pugh, Bri Clark, Christian Lybbert, Audrey Lybbert, & Leanne Pugh.

  5. Omak Ward starting from back left: Madeline Henderson, Terri Williams, Victoria Bolton, Melanie Gillespie, Anna Stout, Shawn Bolton, Michayla Hassing, Ashley Summers, Karen ? (Camille’s friend), Chery Bolton, Camille Bolton, Vivienne Bauer, Rebekah Hassing, Julianna Utigard; front left: Mackenzie Vance, Kayla Harris, Brooklyn Bauer, Adam Stout, Isaac Frear, Gideon Bolton

  6. For the Grand Coulee ward, starting from the left: James Hagel, Joshua Manon, Connor Klingenberg, Hannah Manon, James Barry, Joette Barry and Curtis Klingenberg.

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